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An official entity: European Innovation Council Equity Fund for high-impact innovation

The EIC Fund, which will provide equity from €0.5m to €15m to breakthrough innovation companies selected for EIC Accelerator blended finance support (grant and equity), has become an official entity.

A revolutionary new treatment alternative to corneal transplantation

"Our work has led to an effective and accessible solution called LiQD Cornea to treat corneal perforations without the need for transplantation," said Griffith. She is also a full professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Université de Montréal.

Take our postdoctoral-researcher survey

Results from the inaugural study will reveal crucial information about the deepest worries, hopes and triumphs of postdocs around the world.

Top experts propose potential EU missions for further consultation with Europeans

High-level independent experts proposed potential EU missions: bold goals to be achieved within a set timeframe aimed at tackling some of our greatest global challenges.

EIC presents roadmap for Europe to lead in the technologies and industries of the future

European Innovation Council Advisory Board presents roadmap for Europe to lead in the technologies and industries of the future

Joint statement on scientific advice to European policy makers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

European Commission’s independent Group of Chief Scientific Advisors (GCSA), the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) and Peter Piot, special advisor to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, published a joint statement on scientific advice to European policy makers concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

New ARVO Trustee Leopold Schmetterer

Leopold Schmetterer, Visiting Professor Translational Retinal Research at IOB, has been elected as new Board of Trustees member for Physiology/Pharmacology (PH) at ARVO, the largest and most respected eye and vision research organization in the world.

Is deep learning the future of diabetic retinopathy screening?

Deep learning could have an application in the diagnosis and management of retinal diseases. Here’s what clinicians need to know.

Botond Roska wins highly competitive ERC / Horizon 2020 grant

Professor Botond Roska, Co-Director of the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB) and Professor at the University of Basel, Faculty of Medicine, has won a € 2.5 million Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

Two new Arena Centre for Research-Based Educational Associate Fellowships awarded at the IoO

Congratulations to Silvia Dragoni and Victoria Tovell for being awarded the Arena Centre for Research-Based Education Associate Fellowships (AFHEA) for teaching and learning support activity.

Pinhole camera effect in small-aperture implant corrects presbyopia in patients

When paired with multifocal extended-depth-of-field technology, the IC-8 lens delivers extended depth of focus near, far, and intermediate ranges while reducing halo and glare.

Update on COVID-19 for ophthamologists

The ESCRS is committed to giving the ophthalmology community every support in the coming days, weeks and months. To encourage and facilitate communication, we have established an ESCRS COVID 19 interactive platform.

Morning Break: Glaucoma Eye Implant OK'd; Vodka Hand Sanitizer? Cheers to Brain Health

Health news and commentary from around the Web gathered by the MedPage Today staff

AI may help spot newborns at risk for most severe form of blinding disease

An artificial intelligence (AI) device that has been fast-tracked for approval by the Food and Drug Administration may help identify newborns at risk for aggressive posterior retinopathy of prematurity (AP-ROP).

How Medicare Creates Barriers We Don't Need

CMS must stop blocking access to innovative FDA-approved drugs without alternatives