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How can science better support EU policymaking?

Scientific advice for policy is increasingly under attack, which is undermining trust in both science and policymaking.

Poor vision: Do drivers always see what is happening on the road?

A recent tragic pile-up on a major highway near Montreal has spurred the Québec government into action —to find the best ways to improve roads and prevent such disasters from happening again.

UK gene therapy company raises funding for retinal disease treatment

UK gene therapy company – Gyroscope Therapeutics Ltd – raises £50.4 million funding for retinal disease treatment

A kinder research culture is possible

Wellcome is right to call out hyper-competitiveness in research and question the focus on excellence. But other funders must follow its move.

We are all complicit in harassment and abuse

To combat bad behaviour, researchers must collectively create ways to take responsibility.

AI to bring sharper focus to eye testing

QUT researchers have applied artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning techniques to develop a more accurate and detailed method for analyzing images of the back of the eye to help clinicians better detect and track eye diseases, such as glaucoma and aged-related macular degeneration.

European Research and Innovation Days

Europe needs an ambitious Horizon Europe programme

Two-thirds of researchers report ‘pressure to cite’

Readers say they have been asked to reference seemingly superfluous studies after peer review.

Quiz: how green is your lab?

Is your lab full of sustainability champions or single-use scientists? Use nature quiz to find out.

‘More women are being nominated’: Nobel academy head discusses diversity

Ahead of this year’s award announcements, Göran Hansson speaks about measures to address the imbalance in gender and ethnicity among winners.

Why you should join a journal’s editorial board

If you’re an early-career researcher, you might not hear much from mentors about the prospect of joining a scientific editorial board for an academic journal or a volume of peer-reviewed research papers.

Economic, fast and efficient cell-type targeting

It is a remarkable proof for the concept of IOB

Scientists must rise above politics — and restate their value to society

Scholars globally are feeling the heat from politicians. They should take inspiration from scientists in the 1950s

UCL and Moorfields announce new degree apprenticeship programme

The new master’s level programme aims to fill UK skills gaps in the ophthalmic field.

UCL and Moorfields launch innovation prize in collaboration with Civitas Learning

A prize will be awarded to support the most innovative idea for using technology to enhance ophthalmic education. The winner will receive £500 which will go towards the development of this idea.