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How to foster Private-Public Partnership (PPP) in Vision Research and Ophthalmology?

This inaugural workshop is to address the lack of knowledge about the benefits of collaborating with industry and other potential funding in the European vision research community. This lack is apparent when evaluating the funding portfolio/sources used to support basic and clinical research activities as well as the translational research opportunities within European academic and medical institutions.

The motivation and need for diversifying the research-funding portfolio used to support all basic and clinical research at academic institutions simply do not exist in Europe. The reason is that most academic institutions mainly rely on federal funding. Hence, many European clinicians and researchers do not see the advantage of engaging with other possible funding or research collaborators besides their national or European governmental sources.

Furthermore, many European researchers believe that receiving industrial funding is not desirable because the funding is not peer-reviewed and might affect the scientific independence. However, as exemplified in the United States, collaboration with industry and other “outside” entities would substantially benefit European vision research by providing even more opportunities. These benefits will be further defined and adapted for the European academic market by facilitating workshops with private and public institutions.

Download the white paper of the EuroVisionNet PPP-Workshop 2010 [PDF, 4935 kByte]

A Roundtable on PPP in R&D and Technology: The Road ahead for Vision Research

Sunday, May 2, 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, USA

The number of strategic research partnerships involving companies, universities and non-profit organisations must be significantly expanded in order to tackle the challenges in Vision Research for the next years. Main objectives of this exploratory workshop/roundtable will be:

  1. Motives for initiating and creating partnerships in Vision Research
  2. Identification of the critical factors, which may determine the success of PPP in Vision Research from both the public sector and business perspective
  3. Expand mutual understanding and establish effective mechanisms to span the public-private divide
  4. Examination of the role of PPP as an instrument to leverage public investment in S&T
  5. Provide guidance for the implementation of PPP in Vision Research

This unique event under the scope of EuroVisionNet will be organised under the supervision of the University Erlangen-Nuernberg (Prof. J. Kremers), powered by the European Vision Institute EEIG

Preliminary Programm

1315-1330 Introductions / Welcome
Jan Kremers (Univ. of Erlangen)
1330-1340 "Working with industry from an academic perspective"
Farhad Hafezi (Univ. of Zurich)
1345-1355 "Product Development Collaboration - When and Why"
Dave Luce (Reichert)
1400-1410 "Innovation: Synergy of Creative Ideas"
Craig Smith (Novartis)
1415-1425 "Global Clinical Trials: Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation"
Barbara Fant (Clinical Research Consultants)
1430-1440 "X-linked Retinoschisis (XLRS)"
Paul Sieving (NEI)
1445 Official Close of Meeting
1445-1530 Discussion / Break-out


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Fostering Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Vision Research

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