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"Visual Impairment and Degeneration: A Road-map for Vision Research within Europe"

The coordination project EuroVisionNet aims to link the research activities and policies of the European vision research community and to overcome the national fragmentation, therewith intends to become an essential “instrument” for vision research in the 21st century. To reach this goal the following 4 objectives will be addressed:

  1. scientific integration of European vision research;
  2. collaboration between public and private sectors;
  3. needs of the European vision community by means of policies and guidelines;
  4. improve the communication between researchers, patients and general public.

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‘EuroVisionNet’ is supported by the European Commission, Research Directorate-General under the grant agreement No HEALTH-F2-2008-200641 (SP1-Cooperation) Logo FP7 Coordination
Framework Programm 7


EuroVisionNet successful implemented

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Consolidated Vision Conference 2011

London & Brussels
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Retina International Patient Newsletter

"Eye on mental health and sleep"
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White Paper on Translational Research in Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences in the European Union

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The Ageing Eye Confernce

One of the most inspiring conferences in 2009, which provided an insight on the global perspective of the major causes of blindness took place in Bonn, Germany from March 20-21, 2009
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The Gateway to European Vision Research

The web-based portal "The Gateway to Vision Research in Europe" was launched during the DOG 2008 meeting in Berlin, Germany in its first version. This innovative portal will greatly support the coordination and consolidation of the European Vision Research community and will provide a unique resource of information.


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