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Functional genomics of the retina in health and disease

Despite major clinical and therapeutic achievements in ophthalmology, the number of people suffering from serious visual impairment is growing. This paradox reflects the fact that we have yet to find ways of stemming and repairing the damage from diseases that affect the retina such as Inherited Retinal Degenerations (IRD) and Age-Related-Macular-Degeneration (ARMD). The disability is especially important in a society in which visual communication is ever-increasing; about 90% of all information we use to interact in society flows through the visual system.

Aim & Objectives

The aim of EVI-GENORET is to build on our understanding of the fundamental molecular and cellular biology of the retina, of its development and the way it is perturbed by genetic mutation, environmental factors and age.

  • To gather and integrate the information on gene function brought about by the numerous human, animal and in vitro models of retinal development and degeneration available.
  • To standardize and analyze this information (databases and expression studies)
  • To validate the information (functional assays and models)
  • To facilitate the design of genomic-based therapy that would obviously potentially benefit patients but also validate the pathways and targets identified using the above-described approaches.

The goal at the completion of the program would be to help integrate a broad and in depth understanding of the function and interactions of major cells and genes networks, thereby proposing functional models.

The key questions and issues faced in addressing these questions are:

  1. Obtaining the information provided by the clinical conditions and animal models
  2. Analyze the information: Functional genomic tools
  3. Validate the information
  4. Design genomic-based therapy


Participant name Country
1 European Vision Institute Belgium
2 Prof. Sahel France
3 Prof. Bhattacharya UK
4 Prof. Zrenner Germany
5 Prof. Cunha-Vaz Portugal
6 Dr. Banfi Italy
7 Dr. Roepmann Netherlands
8 Prof. van Veen Sweden
9 Dr. Vescovi Italy
10 Prof. Van Heyningen UK
11 Dr. Ueffing Germany
12 Prof. Gal Germany
13 Dr. Grimm Switzerland
14 Dr. Scholl / Prof. Holz Germany
15 Prof. Humphries Ireland
16 Ms. Fasser Switzerland
17 Dr. Mueller Germany
18 Dr. Tuohy Ireland
19 Prof. Chakravarty UK
20 Dr. Poch / Dr. Dollé France
21 Dr. Thiam France
22 Dr. Ayuso Spain
23 Dr. Kamakari Greece
24 Inserm-Transfert France

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