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About the European Vision Institute EEIG

The European Vision Institute (EVI EEIG) is legally constituted under European law (Council Regulation (EEC) No 2137/85) as a European Economic Interest Grouping. EVI is not formed for the purpose of making profits. Its function is to carry out activities including but not restricted to research, technological development, organization, management, fundraising and publicity pertinent to the defined aims to safeguard the procedures for high-quality Vision Research throughout Europe and worldwide.

Meeting of the European Vision Institute Steering Committee

Front row from left to right: C. Boon, F. Cordeiro, S. Sivaprasad, J. Cunha-Vaz. Rear row from right to left: C. Cursiefen, S. Fauser, T. Wheeler-Schilling, H. Scholl, E. Zrenner.


Prof. H. Scholl

Chief Executive Officer:

Dr. Thomas Wheeler-Schilling

Steering Committee:

  • Prof. Camiel Boon
  • Prof. Francesca Cordeiro
  • Prof. Claus Cursiefen
  • Prof. Sascha Fauser
  • Prof. Sobha Sivaprasad

Senior Advisory Board

  • Prof. J. Cunha-Vaz
  • Prof. Phil Luthert
  • Prof. J. Sahel
  • Prof. E. Zrenner

Liaison Offices

The European Vision Institute (EVI) has a registered Liaison office in Tuebingen, Germany.